Links - Scimitar & Other Cars

Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club
The club seems to have got itself caught on a fence half-way between this new one and the old site, with content divided between the two. Menus don't work too well and the many 'under construction' pages can get annoying. Shame, because the club itself and the magazine every few months are excellent. The website should shortly be getting some serious attention, which can only be a good thing for the club.

Scimitar Drivers Club
I've never joined, so can't comment about the club. I can, however, navigate my way around their website. Which is nice.

Yahoo Reliant Scimitar Group
Lots of Scimitar-related chat and advice. And I mean lots. The volume of posts can be a bit much but there's obviously a lot of collective wisdom on tap, and they're a very helpful bunch if you've got a question.

Erik's Scimitar Site
This is the sort of website that inspires you to go off and try to do one of your own. Well, it worked for me. Top marks, and I'll buy him a Grolsch or two if I ever meet him.

Phil's SS1 Renovation
If you stumbled into my Scimitar site looking for something a bit more serious and technical then this should keep you quiet for a while. That diagram on the 'Renovation Project' page is brilliant.
Excellent site on all things motoring from Italy.

Tim's Alfasud site
Ok his English isn't so hot in places but it's still a million miles better than my German, and full credit for attempting a multilingual site. Very thorough, and it's great to see so much enthusiasm for Alfasuds.

Defiant Reliant
Amazing - a site all about Reliant Rebels.
Good site devoted to the Coupe (the clue's in the title). Interesting section on the way the original Ogle design morphed into that classic Scimitar shape and plenty of photos of restored Coupes which, er, make mine look a bit shabby. Maybe I'll give the Concours Louis Vuitton a miss this year then.

Country Classic Cars (Illinois)
I don't know why I'm so hooked on this list of, often over-priced, rusty old tat. Maybe the fact the garage is on Route 66, maybe the years spent in the USA as a kid left more of a mark than I thought, maybe too many American road movies, maybe the current exchange rate. Whatever, I have the feeling an idea is forming ...

C n' V Corvette (Arizona)
... and that vague (and obviously stupid) idea isn't helped when you stumble across a place like this. I'd like a 1976 Orange T-Top please. Help.

The Ugliest Cars in Britain
Wonderfully opinionated site about, well, you can guess. They've got it wrong about the Citroen Ami and Daimler SP250 Dart, but they can be forgiven for that. Where are all the new BMW's, though?

Sniff Petrol
Great monthly online read, but click away now if easily offended.