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This site is about my Reliant Scimitar SST and SE4 Coupe, plus assorted ramblings on some of the other old wrecks I've owned over the years. Those two above, for instance. In fact the 'Other Cars' page has turned into a bit of a monster and I think a cull may be necessary before too long.

If you're looking for a 'How to restore your Scimitar' website then I'm afraid you won't find it here as I have the mechanical aptitude of a rhino wearing oven gloves. So not a site for the practical types then. May be interesting, however, if you rely on specialists and garages to get and keep your car on the road. Hell, they rely on the likes of me for their foreign holidays and new kitchens so it's only fair. I think. Anyway, the way I see it - and I know many don't agree - is that I do what I do to get the money to pay others to do what they do. Karl Marx would call it division of labour or something. Groucho Marx would say that he didn't want to join any club that would have him as a member. I'll go with the latter, even though it's completely irrelevant and out of context.


Mid-2003 I went through the process of buying a soft-top car. The menu at the top will take you through the story:

SE4 Coupe

Tells the story of my straight-six SE4 since it was dragged from the vendor's front garden all those years ago. Good times, bad times, it's definitely had it's share. No model history, chassis numbers etc. - that's done better than I ever could in the Don Pither books and elsewhere on the internet. It's just the story of a few years in the life of an old car. If only they could talk. Actually, if they could talk we'd probably never buy them.

Other Cars

If you look at the above you might think that there's an obsession with Scimitars going on. Nothing could be further from the truth. There's also an obsession with Alfas, Reliant Rebels, luxury barges and all other manner of old tat. The Other Cars page lists all the ones I can recall, and I'll add more as I remember them. One day I'll persuade my brother to do his own list as well, since there's been quite a bit of buying / selling / swapping over the years. Plus the fact that when I look back at the rubbish I've owned, and thrown money at, I can console myself my laughing at his mistakes. It's family so it's allowed. Let's face it, if you're a red-blooded car fan with more enthusiasm than common sense then you've probably got a similar history yourself.

For Sale

A quick guide to the terminology used in classified ads for cars.

SE5 & Kitten