Peugeot 205 GTI

Peugeot 205 GTI

I won't even attempt to explain it. In mitigation, the following:

Peugeot CCW Review

So what's it like? Well, to be honest, pretty much as the CCW review said it would be. It was a journalist from the paper itself selling it and so I traveled down to Peterborough fairly sure that I wouldn't be unpleasantly surprised.

The worse points are the rusty tailgate and cracked rear bumper - I'm fairly sure it has exited the road through a hedge backwards at some point. The paintwork, as you can probably see in the photo, has also faded at different rates in different places. The erratic idling mentioned in the review, which got worse, was cured by cleaning the connections to the idle control. I've also had to have some work on the brakes, though that may have much to do with the way I've been driving it ...

Because it drives very well. Engine seems healthy - though can never really be sure of anything on a £500 car - and suspension, tyres etc. all appear to have been looked after. The interior is also in good shape for a 120,000-mile car.

The Pug is a real hoot to drive - keen engine, great handling and direct steering. Surprisingly practical too with comfortable seats, the hatch and reasonable fuel economy considering the way it goes. It also has creature comforts that I'm just not used to like effective heating, demisting and wipers that aren't just waving pathetically at the screen. Highly recommended, and definitely the best birthday present I've ever bought myself.