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Ealees.com is split into a few sections, as you can see by the menu at the top. Reason for the website name is that Ealees is the name of the part of Littleborough (Lancashire, UK) where I live. And the ealees.com address was still available, which helps.

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I've been thinking about how to let anyone know when the site's been updated. How about a newsletter? No, thought not - boring for you to read and not much more fun for me to write. A newsletter would also imply that I make regular updates whereas, er, it's all a bit random to be honest. What I've decided to do is to provide a section on this page where I can add comments when I make changes. As below. Works for me and should be easy for you.



9th September 2005

With the US road trip finished at the end of August, I've finally got around to completing the Epilog and updating the Links page.

I've also changed the above photos as, to help finance the second part of the road trip, both the Scimitar SE4 Coupe and the VW van were sold (thanks to my brother for sorting-out the latter). One of these days maybe I'll actually get around to changing the colour scheme of the website so it looks a bit more 21st century.

2nd June 2005 - and for the indefinite future ...

In their infinite wisdom, the US authorities have decided to let me back in their country. They may well regret that decision. Time then for Travelog II or, as I've decided to call it, Epilog. Once again updates will be on the 'US Road Trip' pages.

18th April 2005

I've finally finished the US Road Trip Travelog and added a few assorted pages at the beginning on related matters.

February 2005 - and from now on!

The structure of the 'US Road Trip' pages is, I hope, pretty much fixed. Updates, as and when I can get a wireless connection here in the US, at Travelog on the 'US Road Trip' pages.

11th January 2005

More updates and revisions to the 'US Road Trip' pages, as will no doubt continue for a little while.

5th January 2005

Not anything in the way of updates for a little while, but there are reasons. Before getting into that, I've added the 'Music' page - as you can access above - that probably should never have been done. But, as it's my website, I can always delete it and pretend it never happened ...

Now on to the (hopefully) interesting stuff. I'm off to America fairly soon, and what I'm planning to do once there is in the 'US Road Trip' pages. Well, it will be once I finish it anyway.

23rd July 2004

No new content, as the weather hasn't been good enough for either walks or for driving sports cars. That'll be a typical UK summertime then.

Rainy days have led to a lot of time wasted trying to get the new menu (as above) looking right. Took me ages to do it, due to a total lack of knowledge of what I was doing. I was so happy when it looked the way it should. Yes, I know that you probably hadn't noticed.

Memo to self: Get out more. Memo to God: Sort out this weather, before we all go stir crazy.

17th June 2004

'On the Tops' page added to Walks, with more from the prolific Mr Boswell. If, for some strange reason, you like bad puns then check out the supergroup I found lurking in the hills. If you don't like bad puns then please avoid it like the plague. More on the Scimitar 'SE4 Coupe' page and the overheating / braking problem, as well.

8th May 2004

Updates to Scimitar 'Links', and the 'SST - Enjoying' and 'SE4 Coupe' pages now have bits at the end for recent updates. It'd be nice to get rid of all the spelling mistakes one day ...

27th April 2004

'There & Back' page added to Walks. If you do nothing else, have look at the abandoned farmhouses on Walk 15.

2nd April 2004

'SST - Enjoying' finished. Well, for the meantime anyway.

16th March 2004

Colours and fonts changed.

9th March 2004

Ealees.com home updated and links moved into each section.

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