US Road Trip Epilog: 9th June 2005

The Sleep Inn have actually improved their advertised wireless internet access. It's moved from non-existent to pathetic and unreliable. How could they make it worse? Try redirecting every 10 or so internet clicks to their own website, which is what they do. Worryingly, there are also a number of attempted hacks into my laptop. I think I'll refrain from using anything password-related whilst I'm here. Whoever designed the internet access at this motel should be taken out and shot. Preferably after a spell of torture.

It doesn't help my mood that I have a sore head after a few too many beers last night. I'm not exactly sure how I made it back to the motel but the beer scooter did its job. I seem to remember playing Cupid last night between a young lady I was chatting to and the double bass player from The Dempseys, but the exact details are hazy. I think he arranged to meet her at his hotel later so maybe it all worked out ok. I hope so because they both seemed really nice.

Monorail to Mud Island
Monorail to Mud Island.

Time, I think, for a bit of tourism. Mud Island, which is actually a bit better than the name implies, is a small bit of land a short stretch over the Mississippi River. The main attraction here is a big-scale model of the whole of the river. To be honest it's not overly interesting, but the monorail is good fun and only costs $2 return.

Memphis from Mud Island
Memphis from Mud Island.

On the monorail trip back the rain started. When Memphis does a thunderstorm it does it properly, complete with noises that can make you jump and lightning that makes the sky seem to be full of electricity. Thankfully it's only a short walk (ok, run) from the monorail terminal back to my motel.

Dr. Feelgood Potts
Dr. Feelgood Potts.

Beale St. later in the evening is quite busy but none of the bands, including the good doctor above, can match the humour and energy of the band last night. To expect as much would be just plain greedy, of course.

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