US Road Trip Epilog: 11th June 2005

All the newspapers and TV programmes are getting very concerned about Tropical Storm 'Arlene', which is due to arrive over the weekend. This is the hurricane season in this part of the world and the worry is that it may develop into another 'Ivan', the one that did so much damage last year.

This would seem a good time, therefore, for a scaredy-cat Englishman to go into hiding. I've booked two nights in a Best Western in Birmingham, Alabama and make an early start to hopefully get there before the storm does.

On the drive down the rain and the winds increase but it's nothing too dramatic. Once in the motel, on TV is the IndyCar Fort Worth 500 which provides a welcome distraction from the high winds and driving rain outside. Unfortunately it's an oval track, rather than a street circuit, but it's still pretty exciting.

A lot of the pre-race focus is on a young lady, Danica Patrick, who is racing today and finished 4th in the Indianapolis 500 last month. She doesn't do so well in Texas, but if merchandise sales and media interest are anything to go by it sounds like she could well be the saviour of this particular racing league anyway.

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