US Road Trip Epilog: 12th June 2005

Riviera size comparison
What I'm trying to show here is the Riviera is a big car not only by UK standards but also compared to a lot of modern cars here in the US. Luckily the roads and parking spaces were designed with cars this big in mind.

I must admit that I don't feel particularly at ease in this motel. Maybe it's just me, maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the sound of police sirens all the time. The rooms themselves are ok - if smelling of damp a bit - but the rest of it seems a little run down. I was going to do my laundry here but, having seen the facilities, I think I'll give it a miss. It doesn't improve my opinion of the place when I find that the promised internet access turns out to be either dial-up, which I haven't got in the US, or wireless available only in the lobby.

I decided on the previous road trip that Sundays should, where possible, be my day off from driving every week. As well as simply having a rest, there are a few other reasons:

The line-up for this particular couch potato today is:

  1. Formula One Canadian Grand Prix.

  2. NASCAR Nextel Cup Pocono 500.

  3. NASCAR Busch Series Nashville 300 (postponed from yesterday due to rain).

  4. Basketball NBA Finals game 2 of 7, Detroit Pistons at San Antonio Spurs.

The motor-racing is all pretty good but the basketball is very disappointing. When in Memphis I watched the first half of the first game in the series and Detroit seemed to be in total control of the match so I went out for the evening. It seems we managed to lose that one and get absolutely creamed in this game. The first two games were in Texas so maybe things will improve in front of the home fans for the next three in Michigan.

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