US Road Trip Epilog: 13th June 2005

With the rain now finished and the sunshine back it's time to do some miles. Time, also, to get the hell out of this motel. Hooray!

With nice weather and clear roads it's an easy 250 miles to Cordele along Highway 280. There isn't anything particular in Cordele, it's just a convenient stop along the way. The Best Western motel here is in a different class to the one in Birmingham and it's also one where I can park directly outside my room, which is always my preference.

Plains, Georgia
Plains, Georgia.

Along the way - which I must admit I hadn't known before selecting this route - is Plains, Georgia. Famous, of course, as the place where ex-President Jimmy Carter was born. In fact, I think I remember reading somewhere that he actually lives back here now. He may not have been the best President ever but he also wasn't:

Maybe I just have a soft spot for Jimmy Carter because he's the first President I can remember being elected (we were living in the US at the time) and he always came across, for a politician, as being fairly genuine.

(All opinions are those of the editor and I am aware that politics, along with religion, is something that should rarely if ever be mentioned. I'm also aware that my knowledge of US politics may well not be that complete.)

Anyway, there's not a busting lot to Plains apart from the Jimmy Carter-related stuff and I'm in no mind to tour his old home or school. I did, however, buy a very nice mug here with the presidential seal on it.

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