US Road Trip Epilog: 14th June 2005

Unfinished business, I think they call it. My previous visit to Savannah had been spoilt by the Econo GrotLodge (almost certainly the worst motel I stayed in on the previous road trip, despite the price) and a general run of bad luck, including getting hopelessly lost trying to get into the place. This time I've planned my assault a little better and head 150 miles or so east on Highway 280 before joining Interstate 16 straight into the centre of town.

Before setting-off in the morning, as I check the car over, one thing is obvious - it's damn hot. The drive is ok apart from the time spent in queues for roadworks or, at one point, following the team replacing the catseyes in the centre of the road for a few miles. Without any air flowing through the car, when not moving it's uncomfortably hot. On the way we pass through towns called Milan and Lyons, which would make for an interesting European road trip at some point in the future, before arriving in Savannah.

Searching the internet last night for a reasonably-priced motel in downtown Savannah had, eventually, led me to the Days Inn on Bay Street. It's not cheap at $100 + $8 parking a night but since all the others start at around $130 a night (and upwards, way way upwards) it'll do for me. After checking-in and parking the main priority for me is to find a cold beer. The thermometers on the way down were showing 100° F and it may be even warmer by now.

House with footbridge entrance
Now if you had a way into your house like this wouldn't you have some sort of drawbridge? I know I would, to keep out undesirables such as debt collectors, evangelicals and family. Or maybe a footbridge with a hidden trapdoor, like in all the best Bond films? Works for me.

This is the sort of weather I'd always associated with Savannah. It's not so much the heat as the humidity that gets you, and walking around is like jogging under a warm shower whilst fully-clothed. Thankfully there are bars with aircon and cold beer but I don't think they can do much for the sunburn on the left side of my neck from driving with the window open all day. Maybe another beer will help.

A freighter arrives in Savannah
A freighter arrives in Savannah. River Street, where most of the restaurants and bars are located, is the cobbled road at the front.

In the evening is game 3 of the basketball finals. Despite not shooting well Detroit manage to get their first win in the series by stealing the ball from San Antonio at every opportunity. A great result - along with many other people I was worried this series might turn into a complete rout.

The Mercury Lounge
The Mercury Lounge.

A bar I'd found earlier during my wandering around promised live blues that night so I head off out after the game. The Mercury Lounge is a great place - check out the picture of the Rat Pack behind the band - and the band are pretty good in a 'Carlos Santana meets the blues' kind of way. The problem is the audience. Not only are they not listening to the band, they're all shouting at each other at full volume about where they're going on to next. As soon as one group of loud idiots leaves - as in the brief gap when I took the photo - another arrives to take their place. After an hour or so I've had enough and head back to the motel. Savannah is a nice place, but it's obviously not a music town.

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