US Road Trip Epilog: 15th June 2005

The 100-mile drive north to Charleston, mainly along Highway 17, is fairly uneventful until the outskirts of the city where the three lanes of traffic come to a complete halt. I think, with the benefit of hindsight, that the delay was caused by the bridge being opened to let a ship through. Whatever the reason, the twenty minutes sitting still in the middle of three lanes of traffic are not much fun in this heat - by the time we get going again I can hardly see for the sweat in my eyes. Fortunately the car doesn't overheat and the hotel is only a short distance the other side of the bridge.

After an hour or so in the motel with the aircon on full blast (is this a good way to catch pneumonia?) it's time to head off and look at Charleston. The Howard Johnson motel I chose to stay in is a few miles from the downtown area - hence it costs $70 a night rather than $130+ - and though Charleston seems a pleasant place walking around in this weather is as much fun as it was in Savannah i.e. not a lot. My impersonation of a freshly-cooked lobster is coming on a treat, though.

Charleston waterfront
Charleston waterfront.

By the waterfront there is a kind of open fountain area with water jets shooting up in the air and loads of kids running around soaking wet. I wish they had similar facilities for older people - it looks like fun, and would certainly take the edge off this heat.

Charleston Fire Department
The obvious photo in Charleston would be one of lovely old wooden houses with verandahs. Instead, here's one of the fire station. I blame the heat myself.

After the fun in the traffic and a few hours wandering around Charleston I'm just about all in. Judging from the local free paper there's a good live music scene here but I think a quiet night in is on the cards. If I was staying closer to downtown it may be different, and had I known the number of bands on I might've paid the extra money for a motel room there. Hindsight is always 20:20, though, and I think the rest will do me good.

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