US Road Trip Epilog: 16th June 2005

The original plan was to drive up to Augusta, stop there for the night, then continue on to Athens. Once free of the Charleston traffic the run is clear and the weather a bit cooler so I decide to continue on Highway 78 and do the whole run in a day. The traffic getting into Athens is a bit of a nightmare, especially as the car is pretty hot after about 250 miles, but we find the Days Inn without too much trouble and can then both cool down a bit.

I was surprised to get a room at the Days Inn. I'd checked on the internet last night and all the cheaper rooms in Athens were unavailable (there's a big Methodist conference in town) but when I'd phoned them from outside Augusta they said they had one free so I'd booked it. I do have to wait for half an hour whilst they clean the room but once in can crank the aircon up to full blast for an hour before going out to see what Athens has to offer.

Downtown Athens
Downtown Athens. I don't know what the painted dog thing is all about, but there seem to be a few of them about.

The drive into Athens showed that is was a lot bigger than I'd expected but the centre is as nice as promised - compact and easily walked tree-lined streets dotted with shops and bars. And a lot of the bars seem to be venues for gigs at night, which bodes well for tomorrow night (tonight is more basketball). I have a beer or two in a few of the bars and the immediate thing that hits is the broad range of music they're playing - George Thorogood, obscure Stones album tracks, country music and even Joe Jackson. I don't know if the Stones tracks were for my benefit, as I'm wearing a tour sweatshirt, but it all seems pretty eclectic. I think I'm beginning to see why so many people come to the university in Athens and never leave the place.

Game 4 of the basketball finals is completely dominated by Detroit, with San Antonio barely getting a look-in. This is one odd series, with the Spurs easily winning the two games in Texas and now the Pistons doing the same in Michigan. I think there's one more game with Detroit at home before the final two back out west. Intriguing stuff.

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