US Road Trip Epilog: 20th June 2005

After working out where all the luggage is going to fit in the car, we head off north of Atlanta to meet up with Don to get that leak fixed. Finding his place isn't that easy - he works from home - and once there the leak starts again after a few minutes with the engine switched off. Don prods the hose gently and the small leak turns into a fountain. The hose really was on its last legs, and we were more than a little lucky to get here intact.

Under repair at Don's
Under repair at Don's. Alex is trying to look cheerful despite his hangover from the wedding celebrations the day before.

Don sources a replacement hose and an hour or so and $45 later we're on the road again. Thanks Don, and thanks again to John Foft from the ROA for putting me in contact with him.

Alex's map reading skills are roughly equal to my cooking ones, so we end up going through Rome (no Coliseum in sight) and take a very scenic route into Chattanooga via Highway 27. On arrival in the city a thunderstorm starts but it's not a violent one and somehow we manage to find the motel without too much grief.

Later on we head out for food and beers. My initial impression of Chattanooga on the previous road trip was a good one and I can see nothing to alter that opinion. You can go on the famous choo choo but only, it seems, as part of an events package that costs $45. I think we'll be giving that one a miss then.

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