US Road Trip Epilog: 25th June 2005

A slow start today, but then we don't have too far to go so it's not a problem. It's even hotter today, up in the 90's F, so that's no bad thing. Alex is still taking the piss out of me over the Amish ZZ Top thing. I wonder if he realises the thin line he's walking - possibly literally?

A nice simple route today, northwest on Highway 33 then northeast on Highway 220. The meeting of the Road Trip Management Committee in O'Charley's last night had decided that neither of us particularly feel the urge to see Washington D.C., Philadelphia or New York City. I'm sure Loretta would be in agreement as well, especially in this heat. I think we'll be staying mainly rural for a while.

Highway 220 north of the village of Ruddle
Highway 220 just north of the village of Ruddle.

Another very pretty drive, and not too many towns where we sit and roast in traffic. First motel choice is a Best Western, which has great weekend rates, internet access and a bar restaurant next door (a bonus as we're not actually in Cumberland but to the west of it). The only drawback are the rooms - interior corridor ones with no windows. You gets what you pays for sometimes.

The late afternoon and early evening is spent sitting outside the bar area drinking cold beer and watching the traffic drive past. The only drawback is the dreadful AOR (adult-orientated rock, which no self-respecting adult would consider listenable) over the speaker system. There are a number of muscle cars rumbling up and down the road outside, though, which helps drown the music out.

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