US Road Trip Epilog: 26th June 2005

An easy 50 miles north - well, it is a Sunday - up Highway 220 into Philadelphia. The Holiday Inn in Altoona wants a small fortune but the Days Inn up the road is much more reasonable, even if it means doing without internet access.

Being a proper motel I can park the car outside the room, so whilst Alex does his laundry the car gets a wash. I made the mistake of parking the car under a tree which was leaking sap last night, so it needs it. After that it's time for watching the first half of the NASCAR - this time a road race in California - before we head out to find a bar.

Boss Hogg & Roscoe
Boss Hogg and Roscoe gaze at the General Leeretta whilst discussing how they're going to get them Duke boys once and for all.
(The original caption to this photo was going to be something about Bo and Luke. Having seen the photo, however, Boss Hogg and Roscoe is obviously much nearer the mark. Note the use of the hitching rail to hide the beer guts.)

The place we find, after walking along a strip mall dodging the traffic - is Uno's Bar and Grill. Not only have they got the NASCAR on TV and cold beer, but the food is excellent and the waitresses friendly and very easy on the eye. We do get Paddington Bear-style stares from some of the locals at the bar, but I think that may have more to do with strange accents and loud laughing rather than anything really malevolent. Whatever, a great night.

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