US Road Trip Epilog: 29th June 2005

I've always wanted to visit the Catskills. I think it may have something to do with all the references in New York City-based books and films, or maybe it's that fact that Woodstock is up here. Today's other priority, however, is to give the car a slightly-overdue oil change. I wanted the internet access last night to find somewhere on the way to get this done - driving around Kingston yesterday we'd found nowhere suitable.

Leaving Kingston on Highway 28 sees the weather get gradually worse until, around the point where we left the 28 for Highway 30 at Margaretville, it's raining quite heavily.

Roadworks in Margaretville
Roadworks in Margaretville. This is one of the few photos around here that doesn't feature a windscreen wiper in the middle of it.

North of Margaretville the rain goes absolutely manic for about ten minutes - no fun whatsoever, and I have to be careful to dry off the brakes after every deep bit of standing water. Then the rain stops, the sun eventually appears and the rest of the run into Cobleskill is very easy. I'd found a few places here on the internet last night to get the oil changed before we head further north.

At Cobleskill the first place we stop at are less than friendly but McCarthy Tire are much more helpful and after an hour and a half or so - they're fitting us in around pre-booked jobs - we're on our way again. $37 for oil and filter change, along with a new fuel filter, and they even gave the brakes a quick check-over for me. Good work, and the car is purring as we leave Cobleskill.

The original plan had been to stay overnight in Cobleskill - I was expecting we may have to wait til morning to get the car seen to - but there's nothing here to detain us so we head off up Interstate 30A to Johnstown. There's a Super 8 motel in town complete with working wireless internet access, and that'll do for the night. Given the smoking laws in New York, after a few beers and something to eat tonight we'll be mainly in my room or Alex's listening to music and surfing the internet. Whilst, of course, drinking beer and smoking (without having to leave the building at regular intervals).

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