US Road Trip Epilog: 6th July 2005

How Loretta got her groove back. With the engine now better cooled the performance has returned - I'm not sure if it's the lack of excessive heat or not having to drag around that fan clutch - and there's no longer any need to have to move the transmission into Neutral at traffic lights to keep the revs up. I'm sure a new radiator will make things even better, but for the moment this is a definite improvement.

Today's drive is a 200 mile run south on Highway 31, which becomes an Interstate south of Ludington. The original plan was to maybe get the ferry across from Ludington to Wisconsin, but it's not cheap and the sailing times don't really suit. Despite this we tried to find a motel in town but they were all either expensive or fully-booked (unless we were interested in jacuzzi suites).

The revised plan, then, is to push south until we get to Grand Haven, where the Best Western is reasonably priced and there's a Damon's Grill over the road. The rooms are non-smoking, but have an outside walkway, and the staff are welcoming. The food is fairly good and the locals are friendly in Damon's - they all seem happy to congratulate us that London and not Paris got the Olympic Games in 2012 - and after getting back I can give the car a wash.

As I didn't take any photos today, here are a few from Alex's camera taken over the last few weeks:

Morris dancers in Asheville, North Carolina
The Morris Dancers in Asheville, North Carolina. The expressions on their faces say it all.

Canada in the rear-view mirror
Happiness is Canada in your rear-view mirror.

Alex and a moose
Alex and Max the Moose in the Comfort Inn, Petoskey. Invent your own caption. Here are a few words or phrases that may help:

I expect a sulking navigator after he reads this. Not that it'll make any difference to his map-reading skills - I think I'd probably do better with Max in the passenger seat.

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