US Road Trip Epilog: 7th July 2005

Today is dominated, of course, by the terrorist attacks in London. Ken Livingston's statement says more than I ever could.

Riviera at 88,000 miles
Riviera at 88,000 miles.

This was always going to be a horrible drive, and so it proves. South along the Interstates of western Michigan then west on more Interstates through Indiana and into Illinois.

The Interstate around Gary, Indiana
The Interstate around Gary, Indiana. Be grateful you can't smell it - I've no idea what the local industry is but my guess is that it's highly toxic, and I wouldn't eat the fish in the restaurants around here.

In Indiana the Interstate slowly grinds to a halt and we dodge south a bit before heading west on Highway 30 and then meeting up with Highway 6 into Morris. We pre-booked rooms at the Super 8 here for one reason - it's laundry day.

Hours and many quarters later it's time to hit the nightlife of Morris. Ok, we'll settle for an Italian restaurant with friendly staff and locals. At least the strip development in Morris includes a sidewalk and pedestrian crossings that actually work.

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