US Road Trip Epilog: 8th July 2005

A long drive today, 300 miles west mainly on Highway 6 but using Interstate 80 where necessary. On the way we pass through Marseilles, Peru, Sheffield, Moscow and (my personal favourite) Tiffin. We also pass through miles and miles of corn fields.

Downtown Des Moines from the Embassy Suites Hotel
Downtown Des Moines, including the stage for the concert tonight, from my room at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

We've booked ourselves a touch of luxury today - rooms at the downtown Embassy Suites Hotel. For just over $100 a night you get a suite with a separate bedroom, a kitchenette area and a sofa and armchair in front of one of the TV's. The only downside is they want an extra $10 a night for internet access - we don't pay it, and use the free links in the business centre instead - and $4 for a bottle of water (I don't think so). On the plus side, a couple of free drinks in the evening are included in the price, which is very welcome after a long drive.

But the best news is that there's a concert in the waterfront amphitheatre outside the hotel this evening, part of the Alive 2005 concert series. Tonight is the 'Chicks Who Rock Show'. It could be worse ...

Jill Sobule at Alive 2005
Jill Sobule at Alive 2005.

It costs $20 to get in. We could listen to the music from the hotel, or try to watch from the bridge, but after a quick discussion the Road Trip Committee decide it's worth the money. We miss most of Alana Davis' set, which sounds ok if a little earnest, but Jill Sobule is spiky, funny and great value. I'm not the world's biggest fan of outdoor gigs but this one is relaxed, not over-crowded and a lot of fun.

Antigone Rising at Alive 2005
Antigone Rising at Alive 2005.

Antigone Rising are closing the show. Whilst maybe not the best musicians, and with a tendency to sound like Heart from time to time, they do manage to rock out with some style and are a lot easier on the eye and ear than the likes of Radiohead or Coldplay. All in all, a great night.

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