US Road Trip Epilog: 9th July 2005

There are two very sore heads in the Riviera this morning. Luckily we haven't far to go - 120 miles west along Highway 6 again, with bits on Interstate 80, to Omaha.

The corn fields of Iowa
The corn fields of Iowa

It's a big like Groundhog Day today, with more miles of rolling countryside dotted with the occasional small town. On the way into Omaha we manage to get lost trying to find the Sleep Inn, despite following the directions from their website. First impressions aren't good - it's miles from the centre of town, basically in the middle of nowhere - but improve when we find they run a free shuttle (minibus) into downtown.

Downtown Omaha
Downtown Omaha.

The downtown area is a surprise - cobbled streets with restaurants converted from what look like old warehouses. There's not a great deal of it but what there is seems to attract the crowds (especially on a Saturday night) and most of the restaurants have sidewalk seating, which is perfect for enjoying the evening warmth.

Before beers and food it's time to browse the local music shop, where I'm amazed to find that John Mellencamp's early album 'A Biography' (back from when he was called John Cougar) has been remastered and is now available on CD. I wore out my vinyl copy back in the early 80's, so I'm one happy shopper when I can replace it for only $10. Now I just need to persuade Alex to convert it to MP3 on his PowerBook - so I can play it on my CD-less laptop - whilst somehow avoiding having to give him his speakers back.

Well fed and watered after a few hours downtown, the cab back to the motel only costs $7. You could get to like Omaha.

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