US Road Trip Epilog: 10th July 2005

A 100 miles or so, at first along Interstate 80 then down Highway 77 into Beatrice. The Interstate is horrible - even on a Sunday - but the rest of the drive is very easy. On arrival in Beatrice the destination is a place I've stayed before - the New Victorian Inn. I was impressed with this place before as the internet access actually works and the rooms are $30-40 a night (I'm paying a little extra as I want a room I can park outside).

Cleaned Riviera at the New Victorian Inn
Cleaned Riviera at the New Victorian Inn. Well, I could hardly take it to the commander-in-chief of the Riviera Owners Association tomorrow looking grubby, could I?

Whilst watching the NASCAR racing from Chicagoland in the afternoon an advert comes on for a Dodge Charger (a rebadged Chrysler 300C). They mention the horsepower of the R/T version, which sounds fairly similar to another car I know so well ...

Car 1963 Buick Riviera 2006 Dodge Charger R/T
Price $9000 (used) $30,000 (new)
Engine Size 401 CI 345 CI
Horsepower 325 350
Torque 445 375
0-60 MPH 8 seconds 6 seconds
Fuel Consumption 14 MPG US (me) 17-25 MPG US (Dodge)
Weight (official) 4190 lbs 4031 lbs
Length 208" 200"
Width 76" 75"

Now I know they used to measure things like horsepower and torque differently back in the 60's, and I'm a obviously biased, but that doesn't read like a busting lot of progress after 40+ years.

There isn't a lot to do in Beatrice, especially on a Sunday, but in the evening we manage to stumble on the 5th Street Tavern. The bar has a great jukebox, cheap pitchers of beer and a very interesting owner - Bob - and we while away a few entertaining hours. Don't go to the 5th Street Tavern looking for Bob after the end of the month though - he's lost his liquor licence after being caught doing some things he shouldn't ...

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