US Road Trip Epilog: 11th July 2005

Being back in Beatrice can only mean one thing - back to Carriage Motors for some expert attention. As well as heading-up the Riviera Owners Association, Sean Cahill is the Service Manager here so I know it's in good hands. I wrote out a list of things I'd like them to look at last night, and I think it was a bit more than Sean was expecting. Oops.

First stop from Carriage Motors is Leach Radiator Repair. I'd warned Sean that the radiator may need attention but the guy there shoots a digital thermometer at it and pronounces it fit and healthy. That's a real relief, as it wouldn't be easy to replace or repair. I think it may have been working too hard with the fan clutch on its way out and, with that replaced, is now back to normal.

Back at Carriage Motors I spend the day reading whilst the other problems are attended to:

The total bill is $330, which I guess isn't surprising since they've been working on it all day. Half of that is for new parts for the aircon as well. I'm just relieved that the radiator doesn't need repairing.

US Postal Service vans
US Postal Service vans or, as they're now known in the Riviera, 'racing cars'. One overtook us on an Interstate a few weeks back, which Alex found highly amusing and insists on reminding me about every time we see one.

In the evening Alex and I try The Little Bar, where everyone's very friendly and interested in what we're doing, before returning to the 5th Street Tavern and another dose of Bob's anecdotes (almost all of which are unrepeatable) and advice on where to visit. We also try a 'red beer' - roughly one part tomato juice to four parts beer. This is supposed to be a great hangover cure, and is actually a lot nicer than it sounds.

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