US Road Trip Epilog: 12th July 2005

The day starts with breakfast (well, it's probably brunch to be honest) with Sean Cahill. Very nice of him to make the time, and as before he insists on paying. When he's over in England next year I hope I have an opportunity to return the favour.

I'm going to Wichita
Far from this opera for evermore

There isn't actually any opera in Beatrice, as far as I know, but this song has been bouncing around in my skull for a few days and it needs airing. The drive today is 250 miles due south on Highway 77, then Highway 50 and Interstate 135 into Wichita. The 77 has a lot of roadworks - with long delays - and at one point takes us on a 35-mile detour just to add to the fun.

Highway 77 through Kansas
Highway 77 through Kansas.

I don't know what I was expecting from Kansas, but the northern part looks more like a drive through Salisbury Plain than the Great Plains, especially as - like Salisbury - there's also a large army camp up here where they play with their tanks. Further into Kansas the landscape gets less interesting. In fact, lots of it is just plain (pun intended, but apologies anyway) boring. A thunderstorm adds to the interest, but not by much.

I'd found a cheaper motel nearer downtown Wichita on the internet last night, but one look at the area around it is enough to have us back up the Interstate to the Best Western. Both Alex and I are after a quieter night tonight, and after a fairly terrible meal in the Country Kitchen restaurant attached to the motel he goes off to stare at HBO movies whilst I feed my Law & Order / CSI / NYPD Blue addiction with TNT or one of the other 75 cable TV channels.

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