US Road Trip Epilog: 16th July 2005

An easy run of 150 miles west, along Highway 290 for most of the way, into Spring (just to the north of Houston). The driver isn't feeling 100% but the navigator is on strangely good form and is actually paying attention. Blimey. Next thing you know he'll be looking at a map the night before and planning our route.

Waiting for a train to pass at Giddings
Waiting for a train to pass at Giddings along Highway 290. With the weight it was pulling - all full of cars, as far as we could tell - the ground shook as it passed.

The reason to visit Spring is to meet up with Jim Cannon. Jim has been a great help throughout the road trip, offering information and advice by email and phone since the very beginning. Once installed in our Best Western we meet up with Jim for some BBQ at a restaurant up the road and a good long chat. I'd missed meeting-up with Jim the last time round as he'd been in Florida when I passed through, so this is long overdue.

Barney's Billiard Saloon
A couple of pool hustlers in Barney's Billiard Saloon. Actually Jim is showing Alex how, if you hit the white ball properly, you can make the other balls go into the pockets. Alex is confused.

Later in the evening we head off for an evening playing pool. After a while playing winner-stays-on (Jim stays at the table a long time) we're joined by Jim's son Dave. Now it's time for doubles - '63 Riviera owners versus '63 Rivera co-pilots. I've made a wise choice of partners here, and we're on a winning streak. When the younger element find a bit of form and get a frame back it's time to call it a day and head off back to the motel. After all, can't have them getting too cocky. Great fun and a very enjoyable night out.

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