US Road Trip Epilog: 17th July 2005

I think it's time for a day off from driving. I was struggling to remember the last day I didn't drive the car, and I think it was 5 weeks ago.

Being a day off, it's also laundry time. The Best Western drier is like a jet engine, but unfortunately they run out of quarters in the lobby before I can get all of mine done. Nothing for it, then, but to return to the NASCAR New England 300 on TV.

Jim with his immaculate '63 Riviera
Jim with his immaculate '63 Riviera.

Later in the afternoon, when it seems that the earlier thunderstorms have passed, Alex and I are at the bar of the of the Bourbon Street Bar and Grill near the motel when Jim shows up with his own Riviera. I've been looking forward to seeing this car, and it's no disappointment.

The interior of Jim's Riviera
The interior of Jim's Riviera. If you're knowledgeable about these cars you'll spot that the dashboard is smooth, unlike mine, indicating it's from earlier in the year. Obviously, I didn't know this until I asked ...

Jim has also brought along the '63 Buick manuals, and I can appreciate now just how good they are. I think I'll need to pay a visit to eBay in the near future and get some of my own. Not that I'd know what to do with them, mind, but they'd be nice to have.

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