US Road Trip Epilog: 18th July 2005

200 or so miles due east today, along FM 1960 (FM = Farm Route in Texas, even though this one is mainly strip malls) before joining Highways 90, 12 and 190 into Louisiana. The latter are actually all the same road so once we find Highway 90, which isn't easy as they've hidden it, it's all quite straightforward.

When the rice fields of east Texas end the bayous and forests of Louisiana start. There's a strong thunderstorm on leaving Spring, which reduces visibility to bugger all, but after that it's quite a nice drive. Last time I traveled around here I used Interstate 10. We have to use it again today for a few miles and it's just as horrible as I remember it.

The priority on arriving in Eunice is to get the oil and filter changed in the car. The Best Western is cheap and has internet access so I leave Alex there and go to the local Goodyear Service Center. An hour and a half later we have fresh oil and brakes adjusted to stop them binding on one side. I'll need new pads in the rear, but the Goodyear place can't get hold of them that day and there's still a bit of life left in the old ones. The bill is $25. Can you imagine paying £15 in the UK for that? I know I can't.

As I didn't take any decent photos today (no change there then), here are a few from Alex's camera from the last week or so:

An older skyscraper in Tulsa
An older skyscraper in Tulsa.

A bit of a jump on the way in to Austin
A bit of a gap on the way in to Austin. We were both hoping for a Blues Brothers or Speed-type jump thing to be going on here.

Leaving Spring in the thunderstorm
Leaving Spring in the thunderstorm this morning, this is the view through the windshield between swipes of the wiper. I did say the visibility was bad ...

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