US Road Trip Epilog: 20th July 2005

With its strong French influence, it should be no surprise that New Orleans in the summer smells like a public urinal. At least the occasional thunderstorm takes the edge off the pong for a while.

The corner of Dumaine St and Chartres St
The corner of Dumaine St and Chartres St. According to my navigator, this is where the jazz funeral scene in Live and Let Die was filmed (so in reality it could be any corner around here).

What New Orleans does have is a decent selection of music shops. I'm after some for myself, but more keen to point Alex towards buying something halfway decent (like Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here') so that when we have Radio Rugeley on the iPod in the car there's more of a chance that it won't select some 80's synth band. As it is I find a CD of Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, a band I'd read about a few weeks ago. That'll do for me, especially as Alex shells out for that Pink Floyd CD.

New Orleans in the rain
They have racing cars here in New Orleans as well.

The Best Western website promised internet access in this hotel. They were lying. It obviously hasn't worked for a long time and, Gallic shrugs all round, nobody is in any hurry to get it fixed. You can plug into one of the 2 (count 'em!) Cat-5 ethernet sockets in the bar, as long as you don't mind the barman looking over your shoulder to see what you're doing on your computer. And asking a lot of stupid questions.

The band onstage at the Krazy Korner
The band onstage at the Krazy Korner.

Happy Hour at the Krazy Korner is just fine with me, and the band are on fine form with a female singer for some songs rather than the female saxophonist of yesterday. After a while Alex joins me (though I don't think he's as keen on the band as I am) and we then head off for another look around.

Traffic jam on Bourbon St
Traffic jam on Bourbon Street (there's a horse and buggy in the background somewhere). The signs along the street tell you that this is not the Disney version of New Orleans.

A quieter and earlier night tonight, mainly around the same haunts as before.

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