US Road Trip Epilog: 21st July 2005

180 miles or so, on Highway 51 north after the Interstates of New Orleans before heading west on Highway 98 through the Homochitto National Forest to Natchez.

Highway 98 in Mississippi
Highway 98 in Mississippi.

Getting out of New Orleans is like wading through quicksand - it seems to take forever with no real progress and the sense you may be stuck here forever. The original plan was to follow Highway 61, which unfortunately means dealing with Baton Rouge again, until Alex has a flash of inspiration and directs us on a route that avoids that particular nightmare. Nice one, navigator.

Once in Natchez there's the choice of grotty motels on the outskirts of town or the Natchez Eola Hotel downtown. At the Eola they offer us the $80-per-night 'corporate rate' for some reason, so that's a decision made easier. The hotel isn't as posh as they'd like to think it is, but it is the only one in the downtown area.

Natchez Under-The-Hill
Natchez Under-The-Hill.

After an hour or so escaping from the heat in the aircon of the hotel it's time to take the short walk down to the Under-the-Hill Saloon. The barmaid is especially slow and useless but the place is just as atmospheric as I found it last time. Back up towards town, Bowie's Tavern is much livelier and has a Happy Hour (or two) that is ridiculously cheap. It would be criminal not to take advantage.

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