US Road Trip Epilog: 25th July 2005

150 miles west on Highway 70 to Jackson. With two sore heads in the car, and given the heat today, it's a relief we're not traveling any further.

Dixie Radiator Service
The Dixie Radiator Service have an unusual approach to the problem of keeping old cars from overheating.

The Comfort Inn at Jackson offers just what it says on the tin. Most importantly, it offers air conditioning. Time for some rest and relaxation. After some hours of cooling down, the restaurant in the Casey Jones Village next to the motel will do for refueling, after which washing the car and a lot of TV is the order of the day.

With nothing much going on today, here are some recent photos from Alex's camera:

Statue of Andrew Jackson in New Orleans
Statue of Andrew Jackson in New Orleans.

New Orleans street performer
New Orleans street performer. Except he wasn't actually doing anything. At all. For a very, very long time.

Webb Pierce's Pontiac
Webb Pierce's Pontiac in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. I'm considering this look for the front of the Riviera.

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