US Road Trip Epilog: 26th July 2005

An easy 90 miles along Interstate 40, if not especially pleasant given the heat and the rigs thundering past. The reason we're using the Interstate today is that I'm getting a bit worried about those rear brake shoes expiring, and there's (usually) less braking needed on an Interstate.

First stop, then, has to be the Goodyear Service Center near the middle of the city. I'd spoken to them yesterday, but they refused to pre-order the parts needed. It'll be more expensive using one of these places in a big city, but at least they should be able to get the parts the same day.

As it works out, 3 very boring hours and $175 later the Riviera now has brakes with a degree of feel back. I think - though this could be technically unsound - that the state of those rear shoes was causing the front ones to work harder than usual, which would explain the recent brake judder when hot. All fixed now, though, and I no longer have to fear hearing the sound of metal on metal every time I hit the brake pedal (not that it ever actually got that bad).

Back to the home of the Big Ass Beer
Back to the home of the Big Ass Beer.

After a bit of a rest at the Sleep Inn (still with very dodgy internet access, but the cheapest downtown) it's time to return to Beale St. A lot of the bands playing sound a bit bland, until we hit paydirt.

Delta Highway
Delta Highway.

The band we find at Mr Handy's Blues Hall, Delta Highway, have recently won an award from the Memphis Blues Society and it's easy to see why. They're brilliant - solid rhythm section, great vocals and harmonica and a blistering lead guitarist (if you can ignore the dodgy headgear) who can also play slide.

We were planning to see some other clubs on Beale St, but this lot are mesmerising. Hell, you don't see a band this good too often. As it is we end up sitting through three of their sets before heading back to the motel. Another great night in Memphis.

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