US Road Trip Epilog: 27th July 2005

Finally there's a break in the heat, and it's down in the 80's today. This is a big relief in the Riviera.

The living room at Graceland
The living room at Graceland.

First stop today is a return to Graceland (for me, though Alex hasn't been here before). I was expecting it to be much more crowded at this time of the year but it fact it's about as busy as it was last time.

Rear view of Graceland
Rear view of Graceland. From here you get a better idea that the place isn't actually all that big.

This time I think I'll forget about the audio guide and just have a look without that good ol' boy talking in my ears.

The Lisa Marie
The Lisa Marie, one of Elvis Presley's two planes.

I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it as much as last time, but in fact it's just as good second time around.

A Stutz Blackhawks in the Automobile Museum
One of the two Stutz Blackhawks in the Automobile Museum. Tasteful.

Once we're finished at Graceland it's 150 miles east along Highway 72. At first the going is easy but then we encounter another thunderstorm like the one is Texas, but lasting longer, complete with very little visibility and cars falling off the road or crashing into each other. I'm more than glad that the brakes are now working as they should.

Once on the outskirts of Muscle Shoals a Days Inn for $50 a night will do for now. After some food at a local Shoney's it's time for a quiet night in front of the TV. Law & Order for me, HBO or other movie channels for Alex.

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