US Road Trip Epilog: 28th July 2005

A 'lifelike plaster cast' of Lionel Ritchie
A 'lifelike plaster cast' of Lionel Ritchie. Hello?

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame, a few miles outside of Muscle Shoals, is today's first stop. We're not expecting a lot, but for $8 each to get in it has to be worth a look.

Another Webb Pierce convertible
Another Webb Pierce convertible - this one actually featured on an LP cover. The metal circles are silver dollars.

It didn't say so anywhere, but I think this car is another Nudie Cohen creation as it's so similar to the one back in Memphis. There are guns all over the outside of the car, and horns on the front of course. Nearby is a tour bus used by the country band Alabama. It's so well preserved it still smells of roadies on the inside.

A stuffed rodent wearing a cowboy outfit, holding a lasso and smoking a cigar
A stuffed rodent wearing a cowboy outfit, holding a lasso and smoking a cigar.

I would love to be able to tell you what the hell is going on with the above but I can't because I don't know. Must be some kind of cultural divide. What I can tell you is that it kept us amused for miles afterwards in the Riviera.

Gadsden is about 120 miles east of Muscle Shoals along Highways 157 and 278. On arrival we spot the Gadsden Inn & Suites, which is near the (well hidden) centre of town and is only $65 a night for a large room with all the extras. The only fly in the ointment is that Alex's flashy Mac PowerBook can't connect to their wireless internet, which will be the third night in a row this has happened. My knackered old IBM ThinkPad, however, is quite happy. Cue (very quiet) chortling on my part when Alex isn't around and scowling.

There's not a busting lot going on in downtown Gadsden but we manage to find the Chestnut Station, which offers cheap beer and burgers. It still amazes me that in some places the two of us can go out and drink and eat our fill for a touch over $30.

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