US Road Trip Epilog: 29th July 2005

Today's route is Highways 157 & 278 east to Atlanta.

Highway 278 in Alabama
Highway 278 in Alabama.

I wasn't expecting much but this is actually a very scenic route. Until the eastern outskirts of Atlanta, that is, when it's obvious that this is one unhappy car. I don't know what's wrong but the hesitation on pick-up and feel through the brake pedal point to an engine that is running hotter than it should be.

This side of Atlanta, complete with would-be-gangsta lads begging for money at traffic lights (something I haven't seen anywhere else in the US), isn't the kind of place you want the car to expire. Thankfully the car and two nervous occupants make it to the other side of town without incident. It would be an understatement to say it's a relief to arrive at the Super 8 in Decatur.

Time to bid an au revoir (in a French-Canadian accent, obviously) to my co-pilot. Though a stuffed moose would've been more use as far as navigation goes, we've covered 6 weeks and around 6000 miles together without any arguments. A lot of taking the piss, mind, but nothing more than that. That says a lot.

Being English, there's nothing else for it but to end this stage of the road trip by going out and getting roaring drunk. Which we do. We're joined later by Alex's friends who live here in Atlanta. They're a really nice bunch and help me find my way back to the motel in the wee small hours. Thanks chaps, and thanks to Alex for deciding to join-up with the road trip and add his own slant on things.

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