US Road Trip Epilog: 30th July 2005

Very bad head this morning, so thankfully it's only 20 miles or so north on Atlanta's horrible Interstates to the Comfort Inn. The Riviera is still misbehaving, and at one point stalls as I'm doing a U-turn. As it's a Saturday today, I think I'll be staying around here til Monday and then try to get it fixed.

In the afternoon there's actually some football on TV - Fulham vs. The MLS (Major League Soccer) All-Stars. Fulham are comprehensively beaten by a team that's not only more skillful but also far more used to playing in the heat. To be fair, it's only a pre-season friendly - read 'marketing opportunity' - for Fulham.

I've mentioned before that I think football may be a sleeping giant here in the US. Admittedly there have been a few false starts before, but during the game the commentators mention that it's being played in a purpose-built 'soccer' stadium and apparently there are another three under construction around the country. That kind of investment doesn't happen without some serious number-crunching.

In the gap between the football and the NASCAR Busch Series racing in the evening it's time for me to find some speakers for the laptop so I can listen to music properly. At I nearby Best Buy I find some Creative TravelSound Notebook 500 ones for $100. THe cones themselves don't appear as big as Alex's TravelSound 300 speakers I've been borrowing recently, but the speakers do have the advantage of being USB-powered (as well as battery). Being the halfwit I am I was forever forgetting to switch-off Alex's speakers, so draining the batteries and depriving us of any music in the car the following day.

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