US Road Trip Epilog: 31st July 2005

Early on Sunday morning, around 5 a.m., I'm woken by the sound of the traffic on the Interstate just behind the motel. Then kept awake by bins being emptied under my window. This won't do. I was planning to stay here at least one more night but I think a change of plans is in order.

Searching the internet I find the Marietta Conference Center & Resort. It's around $20 a night more expensive (about $85 a night plus taxes), but that doesn't seem bad for a distinct move up in terms of accommodation. My only concern is driving an obviously-unwell car on a Sunday, when there's nowhere to have it fixed should problems arise.

The front of the Marietta CC&R
The front of the Marietta CC&R.

As it is the short drive is made without incident. When trying to check in the receptionist struggles with the concept that I'd booked the room using that internet thing this morning and am now standing here in front of her. The fact that I'm unshaven, obviously sleep-deprived and probably the scruffiest thing they've had in the lobby in years doesn't help. I must have used some kind of teleportation device to get here so quickly from the UK, and I can almost hear her warning hers friends about the perils of this form of transport.

The view from my room at the Marietta CC&R
This is, give or take, the view from my room at the Marietta CC&R. Yes, people mainly stay here to thwack small balls with a metal stick.

This hotel is one of those where they'll be taking every opportunity to try to relieve you of your money. The internet access costs $5 a day, and if you wanted a drink on room service it would cost you $4 for a beer plus $3 delivery. I don't have much choice about the former but they can take the latter and do something anatomical and painful with it. On the plus side, the rooms are very nice and I'm unlikely to wake up to the sound of traffic or bins being emptied.

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