US Road Trip Epilog: 2nd August 2005

One thing is obvious - I need to get the hell out of this country club-type place before I encounter another loud man in pastel colours in the bar and do things to him with his golf clubs that aren't in any 'how to golf' videos. To be fair to the place, it isn't as snobby as its English equivalent would be but it's still too much for a peasant like me.

The plan today was to get a cab down to my next motel, a Holiday Inn Express a few miles south that only wants $65 (plus inevitable taxes) a night. My plan is pleasantly scuppered when I hear from John Foft, the local Riviera Owners Association guy I'd met-up with earlier in the road trip. He suggests he can move me and my luggage, plus we can then go to lunch. Sounds great to me.

At lunch John and his buddy Rodney explain the history of the golf course and the Marietta CC&R. It seems that both are owned by the city itself and despite the charges (the hotel wanted $110 for another night's stay, despite the simple fact I could book it much cheaper online, and a round of golf is $45 or so) has lost money since it opened about 20 years ago. Apparently there have been various ideas over the years to make it profitable, but none have worked. Personally I'd suggest lowering the prices and creating a crazy golf course in the acres of car parking, but somehow I can't see the good burghers of Marietta going for that.

The conversation then goes from schooling in Atlanta to blaxploitation movies, which is quite a lot of ground to cover over a lunch. John insists on paying for lunch, which is overly generous but seems to be typical for these Riviera folk. I do hope some of them visit the UK in the future so that I can return the hospitality.

In the late afternoon I get the call I've been waiting for from Marietta Radiator to tell me that the car is ready. Time to get a cab, and after he eventually shows up it's obvious this guy is a complete nutter. Manic accelerating and braking, not paying any attention to the other traffic, and all whilst trying to type a text message on his mobile phone. It's a relief to get there intact.

Rear ¾ view of Riviera
Rear ¾ view of Riviera. You are probably bored of pictures of this particular car. I, however, am just very happy to have the old girl back again. So happy that I want to take yet another photo.

The bill for re-coring the radiator is $450. The difference on the road, however, more than justifies the cost - this is one transformed car, with no more hesitation on pick-up and the brake pedal back to normal even in the rush hour (a misnomer, as most of it is stationary) traffic around here. With the car's cooling system now mended, I wonder if it's finally time to get the aircon fixed? Though I'm not overly keen on spending any more time kicking my heels around here, I think so.

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