US Road Trip Epilog: 3rd August 2005

In the morning it's a short drive to Auto Cool to leave the Riviera to their tender mercies. Judging by the gallery on the wall in their workshop (including what I think is a '65 Riviera GS) they're used to fixing aircon on older cars, so I'm sure the car's in safe hands. It may have been a short drive, but it's a 2 mile walk back to the motel. This is preferable, however, to another ride with a suicidal / homicidal cab driver.

The rest of the day is spent reading. I never knew that Robert Ludlum wrote a couple of humorous novels but he did and 'The Road To Omaha' is a great mixture of running jokes and a well-structured plot. It may not be a perfect way to spend the day, especially on a supposed road trip that's currently not going anywhere, but it'll do. An opportunity to recharge the batteries before the last leg of the road trip may well not be a bad thing.

Rebuilt radiator and new aircon parts under the hood of the Riviera
Rebuilt radiator and new aircon parts (that silver bit bottom right of the photo is the receiver drier thing I bought back in Texas) under the hood of the Riviera.

In the afternoon I walk those miles back up to Auto Cool and collect the Riviera. $300 later I have a car that can seems to think it can get as cold as a meat locker inside. I wasn't expecting a lot from a 60's aircon system, but it seems I may have been wrong. I'm not underestimating those Buick engineers again - they really did know how to build a quality car.

It's been an expensive, but necessary, few days. I can't wait to hit the road again.

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