US Road Trip Epilog: 7th August 2005

Only 60 miles or so down Highway A1A to Daytona Beach. Once there I get completely lost trying to find my motel. This is the second time in a few days that this has happened. I think I may have been a bit too harsh earlier on about Alex's navigational skills - it isn't easy when Highways change numbers or join with others, and the maps in the motel directories are next to useless.

Highway A1A
Highway A1A.

I was hoping that this would be quite a scenic drive, and in some places it is, but a lot of it is a strip development of houses, condos, motels and all the businesses associated with them. Being a Sunday, there are also a lot of people driving around at 20 MPH.

When I arrive at the Best Western I can't check in for another few hours (this seems to be a Florida thing) so I'll go next door to the Ocean Deck to watch the beginning of the NASCAR Indianapolis 400.

The view from my motel room in Daytona Beach
The view from my motel room in Daytona Beach.

I thought I was being really clever parking the car underground and out of the sun. In the afternoon and evening I have to change my mind as yet another thunderstorm sends lots of water running down to where the car is. As the drainage system can't seem to cope, a small lake soon begins forming. Just as I'm debating whether to go down and move the car before it gets flooded, the rain abates and the water slowly drains away.

In the evening I had high hopes of the Ocean Deck, even if it may mean listening to reggae music, but tonight is karaoke night. After a few painful minutes in there I know this isn't for me.

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