US Road Trip Epilog: 8th August 2005

My original plan for the next week or so was to drive down to the tip of Florida along Highway A1A, but I've changed my mind. The route is not very scenic, the weather is too hot in the day followed by thunderstorms at night, and I think it may just be a long succession of soulless beach resorts. I gave up on beach holidays some years ago, and now I remember why.

Time to turn tail and head north then. The first stop along Highway 92 is one of those elusive Verizon Wireless shops, to get my cell phone topped-up so that I can actually use it again if I need to. It's not much of an toolkit if the car breaks, but it's all I've got. Then it's north along Highway 17 and west along Highway 40 to Ocala.

A NASCAR-themed gas station on the way into Ocala
A NASCAR-themed gas station on the way into Ocala.

I've only done about 80 miles or so today, but there's a reason. Yes, it's the thrill of laundry day. Luckily the Quality Inn here has two washers and two driers, so it only takes half the time it normally does. And there's The Rockford Files to watch on TV, which makes it even easier.

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