US Road Trip Epilog: 11th August 2005

Needless to say, after my roach encounter last night I don't have the best night's sleep. As if to add to the list of annoyances, the Doubletree doesn't provide you with 'Do Not Disturb' or 'Privacy Please' signs to hang on the door - certainly not in my room, but I didn't see any elsewhere either. This means that the bullying housekeepers knock on the door every half an hour in the morning until you give up the fight and leave your room. Some motels seem to be run more by housekeeping rather than by any desire to keep the customer satisfied, and this is obviously one of them.

Ok, so I'm not in the best of moods. There is some light entertainment in the car park, however, as a woman in a Nissan 350Z tries to reverse (obviously without a clue about the angle to take) around the gigantic pickup that's blocked her in. Most of the time she just gets closer to it and makes things worse, but eventually she makes it with millimetres to spare. Next a suit jumps into his SUV, fires it up, and reverses at speed straight into a pillar. I was only in there for a few minutes - I'll bet the CCTV highlights are even better.

More Georgia forests
More Georgia forests. The above was taken during 20 miles or so of roadworks. The usual southbound carriageway, on the other side of the central reservation (I think it's called the median here in the US), is closed. As with roadworks anywhere in the world, there doesn't seem to be any actual work being done.

I've been driving in and around Georgia for a few weeks now and I'm getting tired of all these trees. Today's run is 170 miles up Highway 27, and it's an easy one with the weather in the 80's and very few thunderstorms. The Best Western motel on the outskirts of Columbus isn't the greatest in the world - think the one in Bullitt where they take the supposed witness, right next to the Interstate - but the free internet access works and it seems to be clear of roaches.

The car, though, is not running so well by the time we arrive at the motel. I don't know what the problem is but it's reluctant to pull away from traffic lights and there's a distinct rumble above 65 MPH or so. I'm just hoping that it's not transmission problems - that Dynaflow cost me an arm and a leg to get rebuilt last time around, and I've blown a big hole in the 12,000 mile part of the 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty.

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