US Road Trip Epilog: 12th August 2005

The drive today up Highway 27 - which is actually quite a long one at 220 miles - is more interesting and scenic than previous days as it snakes up and down the north Georgia mountains. I can't enjoy it as much as I should, however, as I'm getting increasingly concerned about the car. I don't know what's wrong it - though email advice from Jim in Texas indicates it probably isn't the transmission - but I do know that these things don't tend to cure themselves.

Georgia trees
Georgia trees. No more pictures of them, I promise.

When I booked the Days Inn motel on the internet last night I decided to splash out an extra $4 for a larger room. Having seen it, I wish I hadn't bothered. The second room is completely useless as it's filled with chairs, trestle tables and a sofa bed. Strangest of all is that I can't see a proper bed. After speaking to the guy in the lobby, that's because the bed is disguised as a wardrobe. This device is apparently called a Murphy bed, and when you open the wardrobe doors the bed can be folded down.

Strange motel room in Chattanooga
Strange motel room in Chattanooga.

I was planning to go out in Chattanooga but after a fairly stressful day I don't think I'll bother - at one point today, when briefly on an Interstate, I was thinking that if that vibration from under the car got any worse I'd be forced to pull over and call the AAA to get it towed.

Once I've decided to stay in, the next question is what to do about food. Having dinner delivered usually means pizza, but much as I like it I normally feel bloated the next day (especially as many places will only deliver large pizzas). Looking through the Chattanooga guide in the room I see an add for All-American Grilled Delivery. A steak from them, complete with salad and a baked potato, costs no more than a pizza so it has to be worth a shot. As it is, it's very nice and amazingly enough the plastic cutlery they supply is actually up to the job of cutting the steak.

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