US Road Trip Epilog: 14th August 2005

Today I will mainly be doing as little as humanly possible. In fact, it's unlikely I'll actually leave my motel room.

The line-up for the day is:

  1. Listen to yesterday's Jonathan Ross show from BBC Radio 2. The wireless internet connection at the Comfort Inn is as useless as they get, but it's just about good enough for buffered radio.

  2. Watch the NASCAR Nextel Cup race from Watkins Glen. The picture on the TV is barely watchable at times, when it all goes purple and there are shadows everywhere. The maintenance guy tells me that this is due to satellite problems, but I suspect he's talking bollocks as channels such as TNT and USA are fine. I think the NBC feed, as with other fuzzy non-subscription channels, is from an antenna (aerial) which is either positioned wrong or can't cope with the number of TV's in the motel. Still, from what I can see it's another good NASCAR road race.

  3. Switch over to the last half of the IndyCar race from Kentucky. There's an added interest for me here as an Englishman, Dan Wheldon, is currently leading the series. He's the first since Graham Hill to win the Indianapolis 500, earlier on this year and somewhat overshadowed by the fuss over Danica Patrick, and I don't think it'll be too long before we see him in Formula One. Another close finish, with Wheldon coming in third following a difficult final pit stop.

  4. Law & Order. I have no idea how many episodes of this series, in all its variations, they've made over the years. I've been watching it for months now and have come across very few repeats. At one point today there are different episodes on four of the available TV channels.

  5. Wanted. An updated version of the 70's show S.W.A.T. - if your memory goes back that far. Were this made in the UK it would probably have Ross Kemp in a lead role, so I'm just thankful it isn't. As well as Wanted there's another new TV series from TNT here in the US - The Closer - that will probably end up on UK TV at some point. The Closer is like a lesser version of Prime Suspect, but still a lot better than the current lame efforts from most of the mainstream channels here in the US.

  6. More of the same. Personally I'd prefer to watch something more akin to the Rockford Files or Moonlighting (in the early seasons, anyway), with more rounded characters and better dialogue, rather than these plot-driven TV dramas. That isn't the current fashion, unfortunately, though of course these things will come around again in the future.

  7. Sleep. Lots of it.

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