US Road Trip Epilog: 16th August 2005

First thing in the morning I drop the car round the corner at Precision Autohaus. I'm not sure they're convinced the harmonic damper needs replacing, but they will tune-up the car (long overdue) and have a look at it.

When the flaky internet connection at the motel is working, which isn't often, I'm able to find out that this harmonic damper thing isn't just something you can buy off the shelf. It would seem that the only option available may be to have the existing one rebuilt, which will obviously take time. We will see.

Nashville skyline
As nothing much happened today, here's a photo from yesterday of the Nashville skyline.

After a great night out last night I think I'll just have a quiet day reading - Elmore Leonard's Mr. Paradise followed by Jeffery Deaver's Garden Of Beasts. Both great books, so an enjoyable if unexciting day.

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