US Road Trip Epilog: 23rd August 2005

175 miles north, mainly along Highway 61 but using Interstate 55 when I have to, to Cape Girardeau. I decided back in Nashville that it would be kind of right and proper to finish the road trip using the same route I used when I started it back in February.

Leaving Tennessee at long last
Leaving Tennessee at long last.

Best of all is that it's 175 vibration-free miles, through rural Arkansas and Missouri. I'd almost forgotten what an absolute pleasure this car is to drive when it's running properly. Highway 61 is fairly clear of traffic and what little there is can be swiftly passed using the Riviera's power. I'm not being a boy racer but we do see some speeds we haven't dared reach for quite a few weeks.

Highway 61 north through Missouri
Highway 61 north through Missouri.

On arrival in Cape Girardeau I find a Drury Lodge. It's not cheap at $90 plus taxes but it does offer wired internet access and a bar and restaurant on site. Better still I can park the car right outside the room and give it a good clean.

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