US Road Trip Epilog: 27th August 2005

A long and boring drive up the Interstates to a Holiday Inn near Chicago O'Hare airport. The only consolation is that I manage to find a radio station along the way that's having a 'British Invasion' weekend. It's great to hear the Beatles and Animals tracks, as well as more obscure stuff, but I can't for the life of me work out why they don't play any Rolling Stones. Surely they're more worthy of inclusion on the playlist than Herman's Hermits?

Traffic jam on the outskirts of O'Hare
Traffic jam on the outskirts of O'Hare. View down the hood isn't very impressive, is it?

The Holiday Inn isn't overly cheap at $80 a night, but the price does include a 50% discount voucher for the attached Bistro 90 restaurant. The fact that the restaurant is chronically overpriced makes it just average value, but the steak is a good one even if the service makes a glacier seem like a fast-moving ice floe.

In the evening NASCAR have thoughtfully moved the Nextel Cup race from its traditional Sunday afternoon slot to a Saturday night. I don't know how they knew it would be my last day in the US, but I do appreciate them making the effort.

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