US Road Trip Home

This page dates from December 2004, prior to the eventual road trips detailed in Travelog and Epilog.

The Plan

United States

Planning? Who am I trying to kid? I couldn't plan my way to the Post Office in the village. This is just the 25-year-old dream of a 15 year-old kid writ large (as explained on the following pages).

My current contract of employment runs out at the end of January 2005. There's also the football season, and the fact that you can only stay in the US for 3 months at a time, to take into account. So the current plan is:

Sounds relatively straightforward, doesn't it? We'll see. As well as the obvious challenge of driving an old car for quite a lot of miles, I'm hoping to see some of the musical reference points I've always wanted to visit (as explained on the next few pages). And maybe see some US-style car racing. The odd roller coaster or similar wouldn't go amiss, either. But the over-riding desire is simply to absorb the US with no time constraints or schedule. Not big or clever, but I'm hoping it may just work.

Of course, I'll also try to keep track of my travels and travails on this website. I expect updates will not be frequent but I'll try to do what I can. It's cheaper than postcards and, let's be honest, with my goldfish memory I'd forget what happened if I didn't write things down anyway.

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