US Road Trip Route

This page dates from December 2004, prior to the eventual road trips detailed in Travelog and Epilog.

Where to go

US cities

Route 66 is an obvious starting point, curving down from Chicago, Illinois out west to California. Then there's the Pacific Highway, up along the coast in California and further north. Add in the Blues / Hillbilly Highway 61 (I think it's one and the same) following the Mississippi River down from Canada to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. Then there's Memphis, Nashville, Muscle Shoals and Austin TX to add to the musical odyssey. Which wouldn't be complete without a visit to Dollywood, of course. Finding places to go won't be a problem.

What is proving more difficult is deciding where to start from, as detailed on the previous page. At the moment I really can't decide what to do. My sensible head tells me to head for Arizona and buy a nice Corvette. My less-sensible head tells me to go for the difficult option and one of those - no doubt rotten - Illinois Rivieras. Hopefully this dilemma will be solved by an Arizona Riviera coming on the market in January. No, somehow I don't think so either.

How to get there

Once I've decided where to start from, and what to see, the tricky bit starts. The simple fact is that there's neither the time nor the money to see everything I want to. Coupled with the fact that, in order to not have to retrace my steps, I'm going to have to be sensible about where I choose to go. If I start off in Chicago in February - as seems favourite at the moment - the most pressing concern will probably be to head south and away from the sub-zero temperatures. Down towards Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans. That sounds good to me.

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