US Road Trip Travelog: 15th February 2005

Goodyear Tire and Service Center, Memphis
Goodyear Tire and Service Center, Memphis. This is possibly the most exciting photo on any website anywhere.

Service time for the Riviera. Having covered almost 500 miles in the car I've got a list of things I'd like looked at. I expect that finding the parts may prove time-consuming and I'm prepared for it with a book to read whilst waiting. Just as well, as they've had the car (and me) from 9:30 to 5:00 today and we need to go back tomorrow for more work. Today they've sorted-out the leaking exhaust system - carbon monoxide inside the car is unpleasant and unhealthy - and changed the oil and filter. Tomorrow they'll fix the weeping front brakes, which were causing the car to squirm from side to side under heavy braking.

Unfortunately there's not much they can do for the non-working screen washers and the gearbox, which has its 'moments' sometimes in heavy traffic, so they'll have to wait until later in the journey. I'm not surprised or shocked by the work that needs doing - asking a 40+-year-old car to undertake this sort of road trip was always going to be a challenge and I knew when I bought it that it may have been neglected mechanically for a while.

Though being stuck in an out-of-town service centre all day may not sound too nice, I actually quite enjoyed it. Having done a lot of driving and then had busy days in Memphis it's nice just to chill out with a book for a day. The weather is unseasonably warm today - in the upper 70's, which may break local records - so I can sit outside and enjoy the sun. There's a supermarket nearby for food and Cokes and it could be a lot worse.

Having discovered late in the day that they'll need the car again tomorrow I don't have time to pre-book a motel room. This means paying top whack - $100 plus tax - for a suite at a local motel. The suite is fantastic with a separate living room complete with settee and armchairs, a fridge and two TV's. It's probably larger than the downstairs in my house. I could get used to this, especially as my 'big spender' status qualifies me for 3 free drinks in the lobby.

This page originally included a list comparison list of UK & US car part names, which is now on a separate page.

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