US Road Trip Travelog: 28th February 2005

The drive along from Panama City Beach to Destin, to meet up with my Mum and stepfather, was easy. Highway 98 is fairly clogged with traffic as it's basically the only road through there, and it's much too fast for the number of u-turns available. Car repair shops must make a fortune around here.

I'm sure you don't want want to read about my meeting-up with my family any more than I'd want to read about you and yours. Instead, a few photos.

Destin sunrise
The sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico at Destin.

This is the only photo of a sunrise you'll see on this website if I have any more to do about it.

Mum & David
Mum & David and some old car.

These very nice people not only gave me a place to stay for the night and fed me my favourite dinner, they then bought me breakfast as well. That deserves a picture on the website in anyone's books. Thanks folks!

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