US Road Trip Travelog: 1st March 2005

After a hearty breakfast at the place shown on the previous page, it's time to hit the road. The coast was great and did the trick but now it's time to slow things down a bit and find some more live music if possible. Long ago (well, it seems like a long time ago) I left Highway 61 at Memphis. The new plan is to head NW up through a bit of Alabama and a lot of Mississippi to find it again.

The only real way to head west is to follow Highway 98 along the coast for a bit and then join the interstates to head to the other side of Mobile. Once there I join Highway 98 again to head up to Hattiesburg. I was planning to stay at Hattiesburg overnight but the road, a dual-carriageway, is fast and empty. The weather is great and the car running sweet so we push on north to Jackson.

North of Hattiesburg this means joining Highway 49, when I have a real shock. I'm cruising along at about 80 MPH in the right hand lane when suddenly I hear a great noise and two big rigs thunder past me as if I was standing still. I didn't know those big trucks could go so fast (worryingly, one of them is a tanker as well). The next hour or so must be when the Highway Patrol have their lunch as it's madness out there. Luckily the traffic thins the further north I go and normal service is resumed.

Mississippians seem to like the Riviera, as we get beeps and thumbs up on the road and the car gets appreciative comments whenever we stop. To ease the confusion I've added a few stickers to the back - yes, I know I'm a peasant. One is a Stars and Stripes (for the car), one a Union Jack (for me) and the last is the Rivera Owners Association one (sorry for the delay Sean!). Hopefully my accent won't come as quite a surprise to people anymore.

Once in Jackson I head for the Drury Hotel north of town. I need to plan my week ahead and, with internet access, find motels near the towns I'll be visiting - hopefully within walking distance. I can then book the motels online and save myself some money. Having done that it's off next door to the Logan's Roadhouse which, despite being in the middle of nowhere, is packed and really does have the atmosphere of a roadhouse. Two pork chops with broccoli and onion rings and then back to the motel for some sleep. It was an early start this morning and we've done some miles today.

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