US Road Trip Travelog: 5th March 2005

My original plan was to spend Saturday night in New Orleans, but having seen the motel prices I've decided to spend the Saturday in Baton Rouge and have an extra night or two in New Orleans next week for the same money. My experience in Nashville has also taught me that I prefer popular destinations outside the weekends. During the week the people around tend to be die-hards or locals, which I prefer to the weekend crowd.

The drive down Highway 61 is fairly nice until the outskirts of Baton Rouge. You can smell the huge chemical plants before you can see them, and I'm not quite sure which is worse. It could be imagination, but I could feel my eyes watering as well.

The motel I've booked in Baton Rouge is the Best Western Chateau Louisianne, which seems to be one of their flagship motels in the US, and it really is a very nice place. The rooms are especially grand for a mid-price chain motel:

Motel room office area
The 'office area' in my room at the Chateau Louisianne.

Motel room dining and sleeping area
The dining and sleeping areas at the Chateau Louisianne.

There are no tourist attractions I want to see in Baton Rouge so this seems like a good time to perform the boring task known as backing-up your laptop, which takes up most of the afternoon. I was hoping to find some blues music in the evening but, of the four possible venues in The Blues Highway three are definitely now closed and one appears to have just vanished. There is another club I find online but it's 10 miles or so outside of town and I don't think it's worth the taxi fares for what may or may not actually exist or be any good. TV has the movies Animal House and Smokey And The Bandit on one after the other tonight, and that'll do for me as my evening's entertainment.

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